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Christopher’s Speaking Appearances

Christopher’s Speaking Appearances

Christopher will be participating in Astrology Hub’s 3rd Annual FREE Forecast Marathon on January 9,10, & 11 from 1pm – 4pm Pacific/ 4pm – 7pm Eastern:

  • 13 world-class astrologers sharing their greatest insights, wisdom and predictions for 2018
  • Highlights of the most important transits, conjunctions and energetic themes for the entire year
  • How to manage the crazy ‘push-pull’ energy of 6 planets going ‘in and out’ of retrograde
  • The best opportunities for 2018 based on the cosmic curriculum
  • How to manifest your vision this year by leveraging the Saturn in Capricorn “Window of Opportunity”
  • Ask your most pressing questions in real-time when you show up to the LIVE broadcast!

→ Click here to sign-up TODAY:

UAC 2018

Christopher will be speaking at UAC 2018  Friday May 25 11AM Trash Astrology: The History of Pop Astrology in America from Colonial to Modern Times and Sunday May 27: 11AM. Does Uranus Make Me Gay? How Uranus came to be associated with Homosexuality in the Birth Chart.  https://www.uacastrology.com/speakers

Christopher’s Links to Recent Appearances

Christopher will be appearing along with Jennifer Racioppi and Gemini Brett for the first

Astrology Hub Intensive! – SATURN IN CAPRICORN – December 13th at 2 pm, PT

It’s a live panel to give you key insights on the upcoming shift of Saturn in Capricorn, however you will be able to download the intensive after it airs by going to these links:

How to Make Your Destiny Real

→ Click here to register for only $22 (half off!!)

Christopher and Amada Pua Walsh of Astrology Hub, December 7, 2017

So how does an Asteroid work? And is there anything about what’s going on with the Asteroid Ceres in the sky now that might reflect what’s happening with the toppling of men in high places? Christopher be exploring that with Amanda Pua Walsh of Astrology Hub in his talk on the Asteroid Ceres and Sexual Harassment at 4PM PST. Click here to join us: http://astrologyhub.pages.ontraport.net/ahlive…

Here is the replay on Facebook: https://goo.gl/6M32DN

Here is the replay on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ sYSyyIQWqGU