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2017 Yearly Prediction

It is with a sigh of relief and a ray of hope that we enter 2017. Consider the blank canvas of the year ahead: how can you make the most of the opportunities that await you while navigating successfully through any troubled waters? Ruling Planets is here to help! Consider this your astrological weather report for 2017!

Great forward leaps are possible this year under a rare and harmonious configuration between practical, materialistic Saturn and the highly inventive, quixotic planet Uranus. This creates a bridge between the past and the future, between the old and the new. Fresh blood and modern ideas suddenly infiltrate the status quo. The old geezers wake up and not only do they smell the coffee, they get in line for some. By the same token, the erratic, almost epileptic tech-jangled side of our lives now has a soothing balm of steady, grounded practical energy. Everyone benefits from this exchange in May and November, but none more than Aquarius, since Saturn and Uranus are your two Ruling Planets!

For most of the year, the planet Saturn, Headmaster at the School of Hard Knocks, puts the squeeze on the last part of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This has brought restrictions and limitations to Sagittarian themes such as travel, foreign exchange, religious matters and disputes, publicity and use of the media, and morality (not to mention Sagittarians). These subjects will continue to capture the […]