Charlie Sheen

Evidently career suicide by YouTube and Twitter has replaced reality TV as the new form of popular entertainment.  Freed from the restraining hands of their handlers celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, and now Charlie Sheen are taking their meltdowns right to the people.  So what’s causing this lemming rush for the cliffs?  One word: Eclipses.  Now that the eclipse cycle of the past two years has wound up its stay in Cancer and Capricorn (Lohan is a Cancer while Gibson and Woods are Capricorns), it will be fixing its gaze on those people born under Mercury and Jupiter.  Now this isn’t to say that if you’re a Child of Mercury or Jupiter that your days as a sane citizen are numbered.  Not at all, but if you are a child of Mercury or Jupiter who’s been standing on a slippery slope then you’d best make a grab for that safety rail now or you could wind up taking a spill in January 2011, June 2011, November/December 2011, May/June 2012, and December 2012.  For Charlie Sheen who was born on September 3, 1965 the eclipse cycle will be even more powerful because he was born with his Ruling Planet Mercury in Leo.  Mercury, named after the messenger god, is the planet of the mind and of the media and Sheen has left no media outlet untouched in his campaign to get his message out there.  Whatever his message might be.  And with his Mercury in Leo, the most public of all the zodiac signs (just ask Leos Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky), Sheen looks poised to deliver just the show that the bread and circus masses are clamoring for.  So will Sheen bottom out?  Maybe, maybe not.  Children of Mercury were born with silver tongues and fleet feet, so if anyone can wiggle out of a tight corner (and maybe even turn it to his advantage) it would be someone born under the planet of the escape artist.  Having Mercury as your Ruling Planet is even better than having Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!