The Moon
Lindsay Lohan

There is no doubt that Child of the Moon Lindsay Lohan is a tortured soul.  Born under the most emotional and changeable planet in the sky, Children of the Moon are famous for cycling through what can only be called their “lunatic” periods.  Go ask Children of the Moon Tom Cruise and Courtney Love.  Lindsay Lohan was born with her Moon in Taurus.  Taurus is ruled by Venus—the planet named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty.  This is what gives her that irresistible allure and appeal.  But there’s more.  The Moon is exalted in Taurus which means that Lohan’s Ruling Planet is at its most powerful when placed in this zodiac sign.  This increases Lindsay Lohan’s appetites, cravings and dependency (Taurus is famously hungry) as well as her money making abilities (Taurus is the zodiac sign of money).  An exalted Ruling Planet can be a bit of a mixed blessing as it will always work to your benefit no matter what.  Like a car that is only as good as the person driving it, the exalted Ruling Planet goes where it is led which begs the question as to whether Lindsay Lohan’s inherent good fortune is more a recipe for disaster than it is a formula for success. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!