Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was born twelve days before Christmas on December 13, 1989.  And, coincidentally, she also happened to grow up on a Christmas Tree Farm in Pennsylvania.  Taylor Swift is a Sagittarius and her Ruling Planet is Jupiter.  Jupiter is the planet of good fortune in Astrology and it’s pretty clear that Taylor Swift is reaping the rewards of having this most munificent of planets as her personal cosmic benefactor.  Yet all sorts of people are born under Jupiter, so wouldn’t it make sense that they would receive the same good fortune, too?  Well, not every Child of Jupiter was born with their Jupiter in the watery sign of Cancer like Taylor Swift.  Cancer is the zodiac sign of Jupiter’s exaltation which means that her Ruling Planet is the most radiant and powerful when it shines in this constellation.  Lady Gaga has her Ruling Planet Mars exalted in Capricorn, for instance, and there’s no disputing her rapid rise to the top.  However Taylor Swift has the added plus of being born when the Moon (ruler of Cancer) was also in Cancer.  This is kind of like winning the Lottery twice-- and on the same day.  So why has Taylor Swift had to contend with so much public aggravation over her well-deserved success? There was that embarrassing episode at the 2009 MTV music awards show when Kayne West came on the stage to say that she didn’t deserve to win and then again just recently when she was derided for being named Billboard's Woman of the Year.  Why is everyone trying to steal her thunder?  Taylor Swift was born when her Jupiter was retrograde and Jupiter was named after the Roman god of thunder.  When you’re born under a retrograde Jupiter then you tend to attract a lot of jealousy.  Thank heavens Jupiter is also the planet of protection in Astrology.  After all if you’re going to be the favorite child of the planet of good fortune then it helps to know that you’ve got the Big Kahuna upstairs watching your back. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!