The pop star Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988.  This makes her a Pisces.  Pisces is one of those “uh-oh” zodiac signs where people often assume you’re a dreamer, a serial victim who goes looking for trouble, or a drug addict.  What this comes from is the other-worldly nature of Pisces’s Ruling Planet, Neptune.  Neptune is the planet of the imagination in Astrology and its Children are famous for their ability to tap into the dreams of people and to make those dreams a reality.  This is a wonderful talent if you’re an artist or work in advertising because you can access people’s fantasies and create something that speaks directly to their unconscious.  It’s what gives Children of Neptune their hypnotic allure.  Unfortunately this siren-song call works both ways, which is why Children of Neptune can find themselves on the nightmare end of a dream gone bad when those feelings they conjure up in their beholders turn to anger, jealousy, and obsession.  This dark side of Neptune surfaced in 2009 when pictures of a battered and bruised Rihanna were leaked to the press transforming the recording artist into the new face of domestic violence overnight.  But this Child of Neptune is no hapless victim.  In May 2011 Rihanna released a music video entitled “Man Down” which shows her shooting down a man in the street in cold blood.  The shooting is in retaliation for the man having raped her the night before.  It’s an intriguing video because it juxtaposes images of execution and revenge with words that sing about guilt and regret and the acceptance of a bitter responsibility for her actions.  There’s nothing triumphant about it.  It’s a multi-layered piece that provokes controversy and debate.  Like the artist herself, the video is enigmatic and open to all kinds of interpretation. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!  Meanwhile you can watch the video on