The Sun
Arnold Schwarzenegger

It's not a good idea to keep secrets when you are a Child of the Sun because everything will eventually see the light of day.  It can't be helped.  It's simply how your Ruling Planet works.  Ex California Governor (and action movie megastar) Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947.  This makes him a Leo and a Child of the Sun.  No one places such a high value on individuality and integrity as a Child of the Sun.  Often accused of being selfish and egotistical, the truth is they really do make a dramatic difference in people's lives.  They are the mini-Suns generating heat and light in a world blanketed by gloomy clouds and self-defeating doubts.  It's a Child of the Sun's job to get you to believe in the best (not the worst), to never give up hope, and to keep the faith that the Sun will always rise on a new day.  Children of the Sun make very bad liars.  They can be naïve when it comes to matters of the heart and it was probably Arnold Schwarzenegger's ?good? intentions (wanting to do right by both his family and his ?love? child) that paved the way to his hellish situation.  Leo is the zodiac sign of the good father so there was no way that he would have given up on or disowned his child born out of wedlock.  It may sound disingenuous given the current din of public outrage, but this Child of the Sun was probably trying to do the right thing by everyone involved.  Acts of hubris are nothing new to Children of the Sun (re: Martha Stewart and former President Bill Clinton), but they do learn from their missteps which makes them work all the harder to redeem themselves in the end. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!