Olsen Twins

Billionaire Fashion moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born on June 13, 1986 which means that they are Geminis.  It’s always a kick when twins are born under the sign of the twins (although Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal, not identical twins) and it’s probably no coincidence that their holding company is named Dualstar—perhaps in honor of their constellation.  But what’s even more interesting is the powerful role that their Ruling Planet Mercury plays in their lives.  Mercury is the rare god whose story begins when he is just an infant.  Most gods don’t arrive on the scene until they’re full grown and ready to rule, but Mercury’s career begins as a toddler.  In fact, no sooner is he able to walk then he invents the lyre (the forerunner of the harp), steals his brother’s cattle (that would be Apollo the god of the Sun), and then finesses all of this into a high-ranking position on Mount Olympus.  Children of Mercury are very good at making a place for themselves at the table when all the seats have been taken.  And like the Roman God that their Ruling Planet was named after, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have also been busy little bees since birth.  They have been every bit as precocious and shrewd as their planetary ruler.  Mercury is the planet of buying and selling in Astrology and we get our word “merchandise” from the latin word “merc”.  Mercury was the god of markets and the marketplace and Children of Mercury planet have a unique gift for parlaying what little they have into heaps of gold.  Children of Mercury also feel strong ties to the people they work with and this shows in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s decision to produce their line of clothing in New York.  In a recent Newsweek article Ashley said: I believe in manufacturing as close to home as possible.”  By bucking the trend of outsourcing and going the extra distance to ensure that jobs in the garment industry stay in the garment district, Mary-Kate and Ashley have lived up to Mercury’s reputation in mythology as being “the companion to man.”  Mercury was the god you were most likely to bump into at the check out counter and who was always ready to help out in a pinch.  The whole idea of the penny dish by the cash register—where you take a penny or leave a penny—is an ancient custom that comes from him. Subscribe for more features.  Only 1.99 a month!