Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

March 19-April 18 | Ruling Planet: Mars
A rivalry exists only in your head. Rein in the provocative remarks and avoid creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.
April 19-May 19 | Ruling Planet: Venus
Plans are put on hold, but don’t freak out. If things don’t work out with one party, they will with another.
May 20-June 19 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
You’re emerging from the shadow of someone you admire but also envy. This person’s reaction will be equally mixed, so tread carefully.
June 20-July 21 | Ruling Planet: The Moon
You know you deserve more and so do supervisors. But you will continue to be overlooked as long as you remain quiet. It’s time to speak up.
July 22-August 21 | Ruling Planet: The Sun
It irks you to have to pass up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it’s just as well. You have too much on your platter right now.
August 22-September 21 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
You don’t like being judged which is why you get defensive. This stems from being your own worst critic. Lighten up and your performance will improve.
September 22-October 21 | Ruling Planet: Venus
Colleagues have lost touch with what’s positive. Remind them by lifting their sights and their spirits today.
October 22-November 20 | Ruling Planet: Pluto
Nothing’s more tedious than reviewing the paperwork for money already spent. But stay sharp because there’s an unexpected refund and/or rebate. God is in the clauses.
November 21-December 20 | Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Today you see the results of changes you made weeks ago and they’re encouraging. It looks like you’re finally on the road to financial recovery.
December 21-January 19 | Ruling Planet: Saturn
You’re not the touchy-feely type but it’s never too late to learn. Sharing insecurities allows others to be there for you.
January 20-February 17 | Ruling Planet: Uranus
Your first response is to ignore a troublemaker. Unfortunately this person can be very persistent. It’s best to deal with matters now.
February 18-March 18 | Ruling Planet: Neptune
People are a long ways away from seeing the light but admitting that they are powerless over their cluelessness and that they need help is a step in the right direction.


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