Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

March 19-April 18 | Ruling Planet: Mars
A romantic misadventure opens your heart and soul in ways you never imagined. Whether you’re curious or experimenting, the experience will prove rewarding.
April 19-May 19 | Ruling Planet: Venus
It’s frustrating to not have the answers, but loved ones are going through their own personal journey now. Be their go-to pillar of support.
May 20-June 19 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
You’re entering a time when you’ll draw a lot of fire. The trick to getting through this is to attract as little as possible.
June 20-July 21 | Ruling Planet: The Moon
Careful what you wish for, because you may just get it--- along with some sticky moral quandaries.
July 22-August 21 | Ruling Planet: The Sun
Don’t treat facts like an inconvenient truth. Skepticism is healthy when Mars squares illusory Neptune.
August 22-September 21 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
There was a reason why you broke up with him and you need to remind yourself of that. If you can’t then go get a friend to snap you out of it.
September 22-October 21 | Ruling Planet: Venus
It’s not your judgment you have to worry about today, it’s other people’s. Get ready to field some pretty far out evaluations.
October 22-November 20 | Ruling Planet: Pluto
For once you’re not the one being paranoid – it’s the other guy. Lucky for him that you’re an old hand at managing the darker emotions and can talk him down off the ledge.
November 21-December 20 | Ruling Planet: Jupiter
The more you ignore a certain someone, the more he’ll hang around. Play this game a little longer and he’ll sign on the line that’s dotted early next week.
December 21-January 19 | Ruling Planet: Saturn
Start working those personal projects into your schedule. You may not be able to give them your full attention now, but even these baby steps are steps in the right direction.
January 20-February 17 | Ruling Planet: Uranus
You know that you can’t do a loved one’s growing for him, but you trust the path he’s on and know that one day he’ll reach his destination.
February 18-March 18 | Ruling Planet: Neptune
If you’re having the same old conversation about what you would if you could then maybe it’s time you should.


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