Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

March 19-April 18 | Ruling Planet: Mars
It’s ironic that you’re the one trying to make a hothead see reason. That person is usually you! Nevertheless this role reversal is why your message will be heard loud and clear today.
April 19-May 19 | Ruling Planet: Venus
You’ll have to change some fixtures in your life, but not now. Take the next two months to review what you can live without if push comes to shove.
May 20-June 19 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
Don’t take on anything that you can’t put down at a moment’s notice. You’ve got a lot of crazy stuff going on and you’re having a heckuva time keeping all the balls in the air.
June 20-July 21 | Ruling Planet: The Moon
The carrot didn’t work, so get ready for the stick. Sometimes the only way that you will act on your own behalf is when you are forced to.
July 22-August 21 | Ruling Planet: The Sun
It pays to double-check and you’ll be glad you did when you discover that a colleague has been asleep at the switch.
August 22-September 21 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
Live in the moment. Don’t let your abandonment anxiety make you hold on too tight or push away too early. He might stick around.
September 22-October 21 | Ruling Planet: Venus
There may be problems, but it’s better to address them as a team player than as an opponent. Get yourself back on the right side of an issue.
October 22-November 20 | Ruling Planet: Pluto
Don’t overreact to someone’s brusque statement. You can chastise if you want, but rising above it is more classy.
November 21-December 20 | Ruling Planet: Jupiter
It may feel like time to hold back. Actually, it’s the opposite. Take advantage of the general confusion to make inroads.
December 21-January 19 | Ruling Planet: Saturn
You’re near the end of an unsettling transition. You’ll soon recognize the purpose behind what seemed haphazard.
January 20-February 17 | Ruling Planet: Uranus
A lot of things are being turned on their head right now, so take care of what needs to be dealt with and leave the details for later.
February 18-March 18 | Ruling Planet: Neptune
Let everyone retreat to their corners. They already know something’s changed. People need time to make sense of what’s going down.


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