Daily Horoscope

Daily Horoscope

March 19-April 18 | Ruling Planet: Mars
This is not the time to change horses in midstream. You could be jumping off right when you’re on the verge of getting somewhere.
April 19-May 19 | Ruling Planet: Venus
You’ll want to wind up affairs quickly and cleanly. The sooner you can take care of old business, the better your future prospects will be.
May 20-June 19 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
Don’t buy or sell today. You’ll only regret it with retrograde Ruling Planet Mercury occult the Moon. There’s a “gotcha” just waiting to happen.
June 20-July 21 | Ruling Planet: The Moon
Problems are often solved in the doing. Doubts will soon be put at ease thanks to your industriousness and ingenuity.
July 22-August 21 | Ruling Planet: The Sun
A family skeleton comes out of the closet to play today. Calmly lead it back to where it came from and shut the door. You’ve been there/done that.
August 22-September 21 | Ruling Planet: Mercury
At first it feels like you gave away the game, but hold on because a slip of the tongue reveals that a rival may have beaten you to it.
September 22-October 21 | Ruling Planet: Venus
You need to resolve a financial matter. Address it ASAP and you’ll find that you nipped a problem in the bud.
October 22-November 20 | Ruling Planet: Pluto
Make do with a ceasefire for now. Considering all the recent hostility lately, it’s a much-needed step in the right direction.
November 21-December 20 | Ruling Planet: Jupiter
You hear something about you that wasn’t meant for your ears. Do you ignore it or confront the person who said it? Actually there may be an element of truth to it.
December 21-January 19 | Ruling Planet: Saturn
How can two people who used to get along so famously suddenly be at each other’s throats? Pick up the clue phone. They’re fighting over you.
January 20-February 17 | Ruling Planet: Uranus
Things get unexpectedly personal today so forget about preaching objectivity. Speak from the heart and people will hear what you have to say.
February 18-March 18 | Ruling Planet: Neptune
You’ll have to sit through a very long and moralizing lecture, but look attentive. It’s a small price to pay for this person’s future cooperation.


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