2014 Horoscope for Virgo. August 23 ? September 22.

2014 begins with you playing the mad genius. You're oddly challenged to find the words to describe what you're doing because it's such a serious subject. You're working on a practical and controlled approach to creativity that allows you to fraternize and collaborate with others ?all of which is big for a lone wolf like you.

Your friends in the community have faith in you, even if they don't totally get your creative process. That they 'see? you at all is joy enough for you. You have discovered your own unique way to express the ideals and aspirations you share with them.

Money may be a sticking point at this time. Your partner could be impatient and try to get his or her needs met regardless of how you slice the pie. Meanwhile, you attempting to weigh all the options and play fair may cause you to shortchange yourself in the end. You can learn a lot about the power of the purse strings from your partners (and they from you) during the first seven months of the year.

Luckily, your ruling planet, Mercury, with its three retrogrades in 2014, can keep you pointed in the right direction. The first retrograde begins on Feb. 7, where thoughts about your partner leave you feeling adrift. You have trouble really seeing your partner, or even who you are when you're in your relationship. If you're single, this may show up as a yearning for past loves or a sinking feeling that your soul mate may never show up.

By Feb. 13, you begin receiving clues as to how to stay healthy in a relationship. It naturally starts with the proper daily care and feeding of you. It's about nurturing yourself by adopting a reasonable work schedule and healthy lifestyle. Joining a likeminded group to pursue progressive ideals and fitness would give you a sounding board and support to deal with any partnership concerns that show up after the retrograde ends on Feb. 27.

A solar eclipse on April 28 asks you to broaden your horizons in the coming 12 months.  You don't usually embrace a new philosophy or belief system unless you see a practical use for it. One way to justify expanding your spiritual turf is to recognize how it could enhance your creativity.

Your career becomes a focal point of Mercury's second retrograde on June 7. If your professional offering is not aligned with the ideals and aspirations you share with friends in the community, your friends may be reluctant to throw in their support (which is vital to your success). Thus, you need to reconsider your professional persona and fine-tune your offering. Doing so will help attract a select group of friends eager to help you reach your goals when Mercury comes out of the retrograde on June 30. By July 16, you can expect a full measure of support from influential friends or organizations.

From Oct. 4 to 24, a third Mercury retrograde of 2014 looks at how you connect with your immediate surroundings. For most of your life, but especially the past two years, you have held off embracing passing fads and trends. You value your privacy and are careful about adopting technology and social media that could intrude on your space. Or you may live in an impersonal neighborhood where you keep to yourself and hope that others will do the same.

This retrograde could shed light on the source of this mistrust, and surprise, surprise: It might be tied to how you value yourself.  If you constantly serve others (especially your partners), putting their needs ahead of yours, it could foster a fear of being taken advantage of.

You'll see how this dynamic works on Oct. 8 when a lunar eclipse reveals that a joint enterprise that took shape six months prior (i.e., April 8) is on the verge of falling apart. You're tempted to rush in and save the day by throwing your own money at it, and that may be exactly what your partner is hoping for. But where does that leave your self-respect?

A solar eclipse on Oct. 23 will reorient your way of communicating over the next 12 months. You will learn to choose your words very carefully in your dealings with siblings and neighbors. This will actually show up as some kind of an emotional test on Nov. 25 when you will arrive at the inevitable conclusion that if you feel misunderstood, it's up to you to make yourself understood.

For Virgos, 2014 is about focusing on creativity while enhancing your daily routines, career and paycheck. You can take heart knowing there are groups of friends in the community, career advisers and even partners who will show up for you if you just say the magic words: ?I could use your help.?

By Jerre Wroble