2014 Horoscope for Pisces. February 18 - March 19.

Gifted teacher, healer, compassionate advocate for the underdog: Does this description resonate with you? Simply put, you're on a roll, but you?d hardly identify with it.

The challenge for Pisces right now is your healing journey. You may be having difficulty putting your best foot forward. Perhaps you were able to downplay it prior to 2011, before Neptune (one of your planetary rulers) and the asteroid Chiron (the ?wounded healer?) entered the sign of Pisces. But coming to terms with what is holding you back and helping others heal the same wound could be a key to your success.

Your other planetary ruler, Jupiter, entered the water sign of Cancer in June 2013. Since then, your cup runneth over with feelings and memories of your early home life. It's not just nostalgia -- it's about re-creating emotions of being nurtured and supported, appreciating life's simple delights, reveling in creativity and sharing these feelings with those you call family, especially children.

So how can you best utilize this watery goodness in 2014? As the year begins, you're drawn to high-powered friends in the community. You admire their financial prowess and would like to set similar goals for yourself since your finances have been fluctuating over the past three years. You?d love to be financially set, earning income from your own innovations.

But one minute, you're flush with income from an exciting project; the next, you're debating if it's time to buckle down and find a survival job. You're generous to a fault with those you love, and you find it very hard to rein in your spending the ways your friends do.

Another cause of your financial stress is that you assume the breadwinning is all on your shoulders. It's one of the ways you sacrifice yourself in relationships. It might well be asked what your partner is bringing to the table. This will become a point of contention when an April 15 lunar eclipse asks if your partner's resources are on shaky ground.

While money is a theme for 2014, a bigger concern for you is how you will create a purpose-driven life. Luckily, Jupiter is more than equipped to help you with that quandary.

As Jupiter makes its transition from Cancer to a Leo on July 16, you'll no doubt notice a shift in your comfort zone. The benefits you gained through creativity and children shift to new sources. Employment, healthcare and service to the community not only generate income but spark relationships and bonds that enrich your life in myriad ways. You have the ability to bring honor and recognition to this area of your life.

In the fall, from Sept. 25 to Oct. 9, all three fire signs combine in a grand trine to activate the houses of career, work and personal income. In other words, you can now shake your moneymaker and expect to be reap the benefits. But just because you make it doesn't mean you keep it. An Oct. 8 lunar eclipse stresses the need for you to safeguard your personal income. This will become paramount since the Oct. 23 solar eclipse grants your wish for a purpose-driven life, launching a year of travel and study for you to pursue your life's meaning.

Whatever direction your Pisces fish decide to swim -- upstream or down -- or whatever ruling planet is keeping watch over you -- Neptune or Jupiter -- in 2014, your journey is designed to instill faith. Career endeavors will be rewarded, partners will either step up to meet you half-way or can take their toys and go home. Finally, you can take off your mask and just be yourself. Loving what's behind the mask may be the best gift of all.

By Jerre Wroble