2014 Horoscope for Libra. September 22 - October 22.

Your ruling planet, Venus, is named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love. Wherever she appears in the sky is where you have the zodiac's original love child working on your behalf. But ?working? isn't the correct word. Venus shines her light and inspires others to do what needs to be done. Simply put, she attracts.

And for the first three months of 2014, you can feel her powers of attraction behind your resolve to put down deeper roots. Whether you're buying real estate, constructing your own private Hearst Castle, or shopping the New Year's sales to refurbish your apartment, she's putting you in touch with those who can best assist you in creating a stronghold to make you feel safe and secure.

The wellbeing of your parents -- especially your mother -- may be a prime concern. Your home décor may actually resemble your mom's. And if it is time for the torch to be handed down, you want to have the honor of hosting traditional family gatherings.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the family is on board with your grand plan. As such, you may be frustrated throughout January because you learn you can't expect the family's cooperation. Instead you either get handed all the work or have to deal with hard feelings that come up. You're a bit mystified as to what it is you're doing to bring this about.

Fainter spirits might give up, but Libras have an ace in the hole: Mars. Mars is traveling through Libra for the first seven months of 2014 where it can activate all your best Libran qualities. Under Mars? influence, you have the courage to bring people together, the verve to beautify yourself and your surroundings, and the drive to strive for consensus and ratify agreements.

But it is best to launch these initiatives prior to the timeframe of March 1 to May 19, when Mars will retrograde. During this time, new partnerships and beautification projects are likely to not live up to their potential. There's just not the energy for it.

A lunar eclipse on April 15 helps you see where you stand in relationship to your partnership. This is important because a Libra's sense of self is often based on having a partner. You may see yourself as a ?we,? not an ?I?. Should your partner's level of commitment change, where does leave you?

It helps that Venus is at the peak of her attracting powers from April 6 through May 2. You're at your most compassionate, sensitive and creative, especially where co-workers and employees are concerned. In fact, you have so much empathy for the worker bees you encounter in daily life that you can easily take on their problems if you don't set boundaries and put your health and wellbeing ahead of theirs.

The table gets flipped on your partnership from May 3 to 28. Now you can have a taste of the independence and liberation your partner has been seeking. Don't be surprised if all this freedom loving results in a ?big bang? on May 15. That doesn't necessarily mean you break up. When you pick up the pieces, you may find that your partnership is stronger and more serious than ever after you've both let go of certain limitations. If you are single, an exciting partner may show up your life from out of the blue.

During the summer, the focus turns to your career. You've enjoyed some lucky breaks since June of 2013 when Jupiter entered Cancer. The planet of faith and higher purpose has infused your life with a multitude of career opportunities and improved your reputation. In other words, you're on a roll, and it's likely continue through July 16, 2014, when Jupiter moves into Leo. And you can further call attention to your status from July 18 to Aug. 11, when Venus travels through your house of career.

Your favorite time of year is from Sept. 30 to Oct. 23, when Venus is in Libra. Not only are you able to look and feel your best, but you're in a position to own your identity, to claim your worth and to stake your territory. This will be important from Oct. 8 to 11, when a partner again vies for independence. This time, instead of being threatened, you're actually looking forward to seeing how the partnership changes. You realize it can be healthy. On Oct. 23, you're rewarded with a joint investment or enterprise that you can launch from the ground floor.

Relationships mean everything to a Libra. They seek to map the emotional territory and make it safe and civilized for all. In an ?anything goes? year where few played by the rulebook, you might think Libra would be discouraged. But not so much. Conflict actually brings out the best in them. In 2014, Libras have proven themselves to be the ultimate peaceful warriors.

By Jerre Wroble