2014 Horoscope for Aquarius. January 20 - February 17.

In a perfect world, you could spend the first three weeks of 2014 in a bucolic mountain retreat, where you could meditate, read Siddhartha, hike up a craggy peak, drink chamomile tea and unplug from all electronic devices.

You've been so focused on leaving your mark in the world, you've come to believe that living in the eye of the hurricane is the new normal. For too many sleepless nights, you've obsessed over how you're going to pull the next rabbit out of your hat. 

As the year opens, someone you considered a colleague or an ally may prove to be otherwise. Her selfish behavior may reverberate in your career and home life. Logically, you know you'll be fine but her actions get under your skin. By February 1, this ?frenemy? attempts to make things right, but you may be inclined to stew about it for some time to come.

For the first half of the year (until July 16), you have Jupiter's blessing in your house of work, health and service. And in more ways than one, you need those blessings. Now is the time to sign foster some daily routines that will enhance your health and well-being. Consider it doctor's orders for 2014: You need a regular schedule for meditation, yoga, and hiking. You need alone time. And once you feel and look better, people will ask you your secret! Be willing to share with them.

For the past four years, your originality has fueling your career. While being an innovator is exciting and fulfilling, you question if you would be better off sticking with the tried and true. Your public image matters greatly to you now. You may have partners with deep pockets, and they're investing a lot in your vision. With that comes unrelenting pressure. Especially if your work is in the public eye, failure, for you, is not an option. 

With so much at stake, you go back and forth obsessively about how far to push the envelope.  You worry that your obligation to please your benefactors will force you to compromise. From March 1 through May 20, you struggle with having to dumb down your pioneering concepts for mass consumption.

When the April 15 lunar eclipse takes place, innovations dating back six months (to Oct. 15, 2013) will either be mocked or celebrated. It's obvious you can't expect immediate buy in from the tradition-loving folks you work with, and it's difficult anticipating what your naysayers are plotting, but at least you know you've aroused the interest of academics and other big-picture people. Too bad all they want to do is talk about it. (You?d like to see some action.)

July brings you just the encouragement you need after a hectic winter and spring. When Jupiter enters Leo on July 16, your partnership takes center stage. Your partner is in a position to make a personal difference in your life and can bestow many blessings.  From July 26 to Sept. 13, your career feels similarly invigorated. After months of trying to please everyone, it's now possible for you to take bold action. You may still need to fight for certain resources but you now know how to bring all the pieces together and make it work.

On October 4, your inner circle and partners rally for you, generating publicity and enthusiasm for your enterprises. It's possible that the immediate critical response by the public doesn't mirror the burning love from your fans (don't worry, the public will come around). Thus, when October ushers in two eclipses, they'll revisit familiar themes. The Oct. 8 lunar eclipse, once again, forces you to ask if all your risk-taking is worth it. On Oct. 23, the solar return sparks a new joint venture on the career front, only with this one you are insisting you'll get what you need to feel secure at home and work.

The good news is that on Dec. 23, Saturn, one of your co-rulers ? the dutiful, responsible one -- enters Sagittarius. For all his bad press, Saturn here will help you manifest your hopes and wishes over the next two and a half years. So take care of yourself in 2014 and get ready for your dreams to come true.

By Jerre Wroble